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Judging books by their covers: “Design is Storytelling”, by Ellen Lupton

Good design, like good storytelling, moves people to feel and act, and brings ideas to life.

Design is Storytelling is a playful read that shows you how designers use narrative techniques in their work.

Recommended reading for anyone interested in learning how design is used to influence your behaviour, make you happy or sad, and even get you to donate your organs when you die.

Judging books by their covers: “Confessions of an Advertising Man”, by David Ogilvy

“Fourteen years before writing these Confessions, I had gone to New York and started an advertising agency. Americans thought I was crazy. What could a Scotsman know about advertising?

My agency was an immediate and meteoric success.”

Ogilvy’s Confessions is a practical—and essential—guide to advertising.

David Ogilvy’s 7 principles of marketing

David Ogilvy is one of the most influential names in advertising. His “Confessions of an Advertising Man” contains an impressive amount of actionable advice.

In this article, I have curated and organised what I perceive to be Ogilvy’s main principles of marketing.

How to price your services

You’re a service provider.

You’re decent good great at what you do. But your pricing is almost certainly waaay too low.

Hell, even if you suck at what you do, you’re probably charging way too little money.

In this article: a crash course on pricing.

Anatomy of a great sales page

Sales pages are a great tool to market and sell your product. But like with everything else, there are good sales pages and bad sales pages.

Find out what makes a sales page truly great, and watch me critique a real sales page on video.

How to design better websites

One weird trick to designing better websites, selling more stuff, and having happier and more loyal customers…

It’s not using a certain typeface… It’s not using this or that illustration style, or art-directed photography… It’s not about the software you use or how the site is built.

So what is it? Read this article to find out!

What is the value of design?

Is there actual tangible value in design, or is it just a vanity undertaking, meant to enrich spoiled creatives and to boost the bloated egos of trendy startups and big corporations?

What is the ROI of design?

As a matter of fact, what even is design? What is its impact on businesses? In this article, I attempt to answer all of these questions.

When should you do SEO?

Aimlessly doing things in the wrong order is a surefireway to waste money, feel frustrated, and get nowhere.

Before you allocate time and resources into SEO (or Social, or paid traffic), you need to have a solid foundation in place.

So where does SEO fit into your company’s broader marketing goals? That’s what I attempt to answer in this article.

How to increase search traffic without writing any content

Want to climb in Google’s search rankings? Don’t we all. But constantly creating high-quality content is hard. Luckily, there are other ways to rank!

The trick? Deleting pages instead of creating them. Sounds crazy, I know. Read on to find out why it works.

Evergreen SEO principles for small-business owners

You know that saying, “If you build it, they will come”? Well, on the Internet, they won’t—unless you start making some serious noise. And unless they come, you might as well not be there at all.

The art of getting ranked by search engines is called “SEO”, and in this post we cover the two evergreen principles of great SEO.

My 5 best tips to improve your client relationships

Ever struggled with bad clients, or frustrating client relationships? I have.

Hard-earned lessons, neatly distilled into five simple principles and compiled into a blog post. All to help you become a better service provider and achieve greater work satisfaction.

How brands and marketing “gurus” fabricate media coverage

Featured in the Huffington Post… And Forbes… And Entrepreneur.com… and Inc.com…

Judging books by their covers: “Thoughts on Design”, by Paul Rand

Considered by many to be the manifesto of modern graphic design, a new edition of Paul Rand’s “Thoughts on Design” was released in 2014 by Chronicle Books.

This is my review of it.