Ed Latimore

Writer and online influencer in the self-improvement industry.

  • Website design + development
  • Content strategy + editing

2017 – current

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Ed Latimore is a rising star in the personal development sphere. He has been featured on the popular Art of Manliness and Farnam Street podcasts, been interviewed by Ryan Holiday for The Daily Stoic, and received praise from Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

In September 2017, Ed and I began a long-term business partnership. He needed help capitalising on his rising stardom, professionalising his brand and online content, and staking out a roadmap to reach his long-term goals.

Defining goals and crafting the roadmap

Strategy was an important component from day one of this partnership. Ed and I sat down together to talk about his goals and expectations, and how we would reach them. The goals, and the roadmap to get there, went through a series of changes as we discovered new things and challenged our assumptions throughout the project.

This was my first foray into strategy, so I didn't have the process figured out quite yet. Despite this, a lot of valuable (and actionable) insights came from our conversations.

Jon is wonderful to work with. He offers a unique mix of design skills, marketing knowledge, and strategic thinking. I'd be nowhere close to this level of success without his invaluable help.

Ed Latimore, client

Revamping the website

After we had aligned our goals and expectations, the first thing we needed to tackle was Ed's website.

Improving the User Experience

The main objective of the website revamp was to improve the User Experience. We wanted to make sure that the website, which is Ed's most important brand touchpoint in terms of building loyal fans, was fun and frictionless to interact with.

Wireframes of the Home and Archive pages. The sitemap and wireframes were designed to facilitate common use cases/user flows as well as Ed's business objectives.

New visual identity

Aesthetically, we aspired to achieve a balance between the raw, edgy nature of Ed's boxing roots, his friendly and approachable demeanor, and the thoughtful nature of his writing and academic background.

Defining the content strategy

Another step in professionalising Ed's brand and content was to create a content strategy. Previously, there had been no real structure or standards for the blog posts that were being created and published on his website.

Together, we defined Ed's audience, discussed his tone and honed in on his main themes and topics. We also pivoted towards writing longer, higher-effort, and more evergreen content. Lastly, we defined what KPIs we would look at to judge the success of his content.

Delete, improve, or keep?

Based on the content strategy, we dove into Ed's archive and critically evaluated each blog post. Content that didn't meet our standards for length, theme, user engagement, or overall quality was deleted or slated for improvement.

In the end, we deleted nearly half of Ed's blog archive. The vast majority of the remaining blog posts were marked for improvement or rewriting, and a few were simply lightly edited.

Pages 4 and 5 of the content audit spreadsheet. Getting rid of outdated, off-brand, and low-performing content on your website improves its user-friendliness and, paradoxically, is good for search-engine optimisation.

Onboarding new readers

In an effort to better serve Ed's audience (and increase the life-time value of each customer), we prioritised email list opt-ins above other performance metrics.

To onboard new readers and get them more engaged, we created an autoresponder sequence that 1) shares Ed's story, 2) encourages user interaction, and 3) tells them about Ed's flagship book.


So where did all this work get us? Turns out, quite far:

  • 191% organic site visitors
  • 432% affiliate sales revenue
  • 265% newsletter opt-in rate

Ongoing work

After building this foundation, I have kept working with Ed to help him create the best possible content for his audience. My work as a content editor has included planning and editing content for Ed's blog, as well as creating graphic design collateral.

During our ongoing partnership, Ed has had several viral posts and been interviewed by Art of Manliness, The Jordan Harbinger Show, and The Daily Stoic.