Hey, I’m Jon.

I’m a brand strategist and graphic designer to small businesses around the world.

You can find my work—and my thoughts on branding, design, and marketing—on my studio website, cultmethod.com. This website hosts personal thoughts & old, pre-2019 articles.

25 March 2019

How I cut my mobile screen usage in half

20 March 2019

Improving our sales and client onboarding processes

10 December 2018

Why asking customers for feedback hurts your business

10 December 2018

Book review: “To Sell is Human”, by Daniel H. Pink

09 November 2018

Static vs. dynamic websites explained for absolute beginners

07 November 2018

How to finish client projects weeks before the deadline, with no stress

20 August 2018

Book review: “Design is Storytelling”, by Ellen Lupton

22 July 2018

How to price your services

11 July 2018

Anatomy of a great sales page

07 July 2018

How to design better websites

26 June 2018

When should you do SEO?

23 June 2018

How to increase search traffic without writing any content

22 June 2018

Evergreen SEO principles for small-business owners

13 June 2018

My 5 best tips to improve your client relationships

04 June 2018

How brands and marketing “gurus” fabricate media coverage

30 May 2018

Book review: “Thoughts on Design”, by Paul Rand